Thursday, January 6, 2011

Random thoughts while grocery shopping

As I was coming out of my weekly mindset to just get through the grocery store without my head exploding, I started to notice little things that made no sense to me. I list these not so that I can get an explanation, but so that you might add some of your own.

1) Why do tomatoes that sit in the sun until they become dry and unrecognizable as tomatoes, cost more than the fresh ones? I have access to sun and could use that extra money to buy fresh tomatoes.

2) Imitation meat products are, in reality, imitation food products.

3) How does an item that is listed as an "everyday low price" make it into the sales flyer? I thought sale meant "less than the everyday price"? If they're going to add things that are the same price every day, wouldn't the entire store need to be added to flyer? That would be a lot of work and I'm not going to be the one to do it.

4) Why is it that if you give the bagger five reusable totes, he squeezes everything into four? Is there a contest going on that I am unaware of?

5) And why is it that two of those four bags contain all the glass and canned goods, while the other two have paper napkins, a loaf of bread, and an avocado?

6) I used to always stand on the back of my carriage and ride it to the car. When did I stop doing that and why didn't I notice? I miss it.

7) If we're such great multitaskers in this millenium, why do people talking on their cellphones always walk into traffic without looking? Have we started counting only those tasks that are dependent on electronics? If so, that would mean that walking and breathing at the same time is off my already short list.

8) If we have clothes washers and dishwashers, why do we have car washes and not car washers? Should we start saying "I'm going to run the dishwash?" Consistency is all I ask for.

That's all I've got for ya. Tell me what you come up with.


  1. Thank God I still ride my cart to the car, but only when my kids are with me and they yell at me from fun! I was much worse as a child, I would get to the checkout with my mom and she would have marrow bones for the dog and I would look woefully at her in front of the cashier and say "MOOMMMM, do we have to eat bones again tonite? We had bones last night and I'm really hungry..." Horrible kids, horrible.

  2. Your mother is a saint. Tell me, did YOUR kids try that on you?